If the extended Lincoln trailer from last night wasn't enough political drama for you, then voilà, we bring you Broken City

So get ready for some thick East Coast accents from Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe along with a couple of "WTF?" moments. 

This crime thriller focuses on a New York mayor (Crowe) who hires an ex-cop (Wahlberg) to follow his wife, played by the very beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones, in order to find out if she's doing the hanky-panky with someone else. 

Well, she's doing something, because Wahlberg's character gets photo evidence to give to the mayor, but then finds out that he's part of an even bigger scandal since the mystery mistress manstress turns up dead (this is where the "WTF" comes in). 

Watch the clip to see what goes down and be reunited with Kanye West's "Power" in yet another trailer. 

Broken City is slated for a Jan. 18 release.

So many movies to put on the must-watch list!

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