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Joel McHale, Community Maggie Q, Nikita Joshua Jackson, Fringe Tom Selleck, Blue Bloods, DVR Deathmatch


Another night, another list of television shows to choose from. We've been polling our readers all week about which shows will get the DVR treatment, and which will earn the honor of a live watching. Now, let's talk Friday, and we'll try to come away without getting that-one-song-that-shall-not-be-named stuck in our heads.

Fan-favorite Community is moving to Friday nights this fall, and it will have to do battle against an established reality show and Jack Bauer. We're praying for you, Human Beings! But it's the 9 p.m. time slot that will probably cause the most problems for your DVRs. Take a look at the entire Friday night lineup below and choose one show from each time period that you'll be watching live. The DVR Deathmatch continues!