Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, X Factor


Cover your ears, Simon Cowell!

Your X Factor buddy and fellow judge Demi Lovato has some choice words for you.

When asked about working with Cowell on the hit reality show at last night's MTV Video Music Awards in L.A., Lovato told reporters backstage, "Well, you know, I think he's a bit of an asshole."

"I am joking," she quickly laughed. "We have so much fun together. He is amazing. He has given me an amazing opportunity. We like to tease each other and go back and forth, but behind stage, we actually love each other."

Lovato had nothing negative to say about other X Factor judge Britney Spears.

"Working with someone that I idolize is absolutely a dream come true," she gushed.

We also asked the 20-year-old if she had any singing competition advice for new American Idol judge Mariah Carey.

"I can't give any advice to Mariah Carey," she laughed. "That would just be silly. I am still new at judging myself, so I really can't give anyone advice."

Lovato then weighed in on all the rumors surrounding which music star should join Carey at the AI judging table. "Who I would like to see on American Idol would be Nick Jonas," she said. "I heard he was in the running."

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