NOV. 27, 8PM
Jennifer Hudson


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We like Jennifer Hudson.

Nice girl. Cute toddler. Sweet pipes. Always been a snappy dresser, and now we know this new piece of intel—Hudson even looks great when she's in slippers!

At least, that's what we gather from this on-set photo of the singer and actress as she works on some scenes for the musical series Smash.

Jennifer Hudson

When we first saw this pic, we wondered if the black-cocktail-dress-moccasin combo was some new trend. You know, like substituting photos of punk band members with images of kittens.

But, no, turns out it was just Hudson between scenes, doing her thing.

For all you Smash fans out there, one more bit of intel: Hudson has been cast as Veronica Moore, a Broadway star who, apparently, has great taste after dark.

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