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    Brad Pitt, Badass: Five Things We Learned From the Killing Them Softly Trailer

    Brad Pitt, Killing Them Softly Plan B Entertainment

    Brad Pitt looking totally tough in a slick leather jacket? That alone was enough for us to pre-order our popcorn for his movie, Killing Them Softly. But for those not as easily persuaded, a trailer for the film was released today showing Mr. Pitt in action.

    And, from the looks of it, there's going to be plenty of action to go around—though, if you're in on it, you might not come out of this picture alive (hell-o! "Killing" is in the title for a reason). And beyond the guns and goatees, there's plenty more to learn from this clip:

    Ouch! Brad Pitt shows off a black eye on the set of his next movie!

    Killing Them Softly YouTube

    1. Money Problems: "Give it up and nobody gets hurt," Scoot McNairy's masked robber says at the beginning of the trailer. "It's only money." But that money becomes a huge problem as those bills belong to the Mob...and they're not as willing to part with it as McNairy's character believes. Cue Pitt's Jackie Cogan, who's brought in to track down all that missing moolah.

    Killing Them Softly YouTube

    2. Oh No, Soprano: And looking as Soprano-y as ever, what with his choice eyewear and cocktails at the ready. In this movie though James Gandolfini's name is Mickey—or "New York Mickey" to his business partners—but he's just as likely to say things like, "I don't take orders from you!" or "You want me to do a double? I can handle this" in the Long Island accent you know and love.

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    Killing Them Softly YouTube

    3. American Business: "This is a business of relationships," Richard Jenkins' character tells Brad's Jackie. To which Brad smiles, "Don't make me laugh. I'm living in America. And in America, you're on your own." Based on the trailer, we feel safe predicting that Cogan is a lone wolf.

    Killing Them Softly YouTube

    4. Esprit de Corpse: We have a hunch we might be watching this film through our fingers. Perhaps it was the countless bullets zooming around that surely have to end somewhere. Or maybe it's those blood splatters and corpses that give us a feeling of foreboding. "You ever killed anyone? They cry and they plead," Brad explains. "I like to kill them softly. From a distance."

    Did Brad Pitt die?! Nope, just the latest victim of a Twitter hoax!

    Killing Them Softly YouTube

    5. Brad Pitt is Totally Badass: C'mon, just look at him!

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