LiLo Wants SamRo Depo Kept on the Down-Low

    Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson Flynet

    Once again, Lindsay Lohan is not quite ready for her close-up.

    As is her wont, the star has filed a motion seeking to prevent the videotaping of her upcoming deposition part of an ongoing lawsuit filed by bosom buddy Samantha Ronson.

    The reason for her objection? You can't leak something that doesn't exist.

    According to court documents filed Wednesday in Los Angleles Superior Court, videotaping or audio recording Lohan's testimony would lead to "the virtual certainty that...the deposition will be illegally exploited by the media." (View the motion.)

    Lohan made a similar argument to prevent the taping of a depo in a previous negligence lawsuit, a case that was ultimately settled, thus negating the need for a camcorder.

    But unlike the last time she was called to do so, Lohan will not be deposed on her own alleged misdeeds, but as part of Ronson's ongoing malpractice and negligence suit against Martin Garbus, the attorney who unsuccessfully defended the DJ in her defamation suit against Perez Hilton. (She targeted the gossip blogger after he ran an item insinuating Ronson was to blame for a Lohan's drug bust/car crash in May 2007.)

    Team Lohan is concerned that any videotape or recording of her forthcoming deposition will almost certainly be leaked, regardless of any supposed safeguarding.

    "If made public, the deposition of Ms. Lohan will cause her unwarranted annoyance, embarrassment, oppression, undue burden, and expense," Lohan attorney Michael J. Plonsker says in the request for the protective order.

    The motion asks for only the bare minimum number of parties—namely Lohan, attorneys and a court reporter—be present for the deposition, which must take place at her lawyers' office; that details surrounding its date and time be kept under wraps; and that her testimony be sealed.

    The request was supported by a letter from Lohan's manager, Jenni Muro.

    "In my experience as Ms. Lohan's personal manager, I have observed that the market for illicit photographs and information about Ms. Lohan is seemingly insatiable," she writes, mentioning a handful of websites, including Perez Hilton, TMZ and, well, us. (Thanks for the shout-out.)

    "I believe that if Ms. Lohan's deposition is to be videotaped, there is a real and substantial risk that the contents of the videotape may appear on these websites."

    Well, only if the E! legal department approves...

    Anyhow, a hearing on the matter is set for Nov. 6.

    (Originally published Oct. 9, 2008 at 1:55 p.m. PT.)



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