Emmy Contender, Claire Danes, Jon Hamm, Emily VanCamp, Peter Dinklage


Tomorrow is the day, y'all!

What day, you ask? Just the day when the Emmy nominations are finally unveiled. No big deal...except it totally is. We've asked for your opinion on every category, except for the biggest award of the night: Best Drama Series.

Now the time has come for you to vote on which six dramas you think will find themselves Emmy nominees come tomorrow morning...

While old favorites like Mad Men and Breaking Bad are frontrunners heading into tomorrow, several breakout hits, like Homeland and Revenge, are looking to earn their first nods. Plus, will Downton Abbey's decision to move away from the miniseries category pay off? 

Check out our gallery of Emmy Contenders for Best Drama Series, and then come back and vote for your favorite in our poll. Six shows will make it on to the ballot tomorrow and we're dying to know which shows our readers think will make the list. Will it be Game of Thrones? Justified? The Walking Dead? So many good shows, so few slots.

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