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So Beyoncé recently went to the BET Awards wearing shards from Superman's Fortress of Solitude, Emma Stone routinely appears on her press tours in dresses embroidered with the silk-spun blood of a lost elfin race, and Miley Cyrus doesn't leave the house unless Jupiter can see her bra, y'all.

But it's time for those amateurs to go home, because Victoria Beckham just showed up in Cali accessorized with a live dolphin. That's right. Check it out, haters...

Mrs. David Beckham is a fashionista who does nothing small, so we are not at all surprised that she would forgo the earrings and bangles and just throw on a big cetacean for a day out with the kids.

The mom of four posted this photo on Twitter along with the caption, "Such a special day with the children swimming with dolphins!!! They are so beautiful!!!! x vb."

The rest of Posh Spice's outfit? Slimming black, of course.

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