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You know that an awards show is getting dull when the organizers turn it into a masquerade ball. We hear Carrie Underwood dressed up as the Crab Nebula. Taylor Swift disguised herself as a girl who can write a song.

And Miley Cyrus came as a Real Housewife who just got dumped by her 23-year-old bartender boyfriend because she wouldn't support his dream of becoming a DJ. Now that is a costume.

On an older, more fried up version of herself, we might like the 19-year-old's Jacquie Aiche jewels, Christian Louboutin shoes and desperately short Jean Paul Gaultier creation...

And we can't get mad at those gams!

But when you throw in the Jerseylicious-looking spray tan and hung-over-first-wife hairdo, the whole look stumbles faster than Lindsay Lohan in a stairway at 2 a.m. We get it: Old girls want to look younger, young girls want to look older.

However, even the most daring millennials shouldn't model themselves after insomniac doppelgangers of Denise Richards after a brawl with a set of mean hot rollers.

Unless there's a new show in the works for Ms. Cyrus: Real Hot Messes of Tennessee, anyone?

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