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    Morning Mail! Jennifer Lopez Leaving American Idol?! Who Should Fill Her Judge's Seat?

    Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, American Idol Michael Becker / FOX

    Dear Ted:
    Can I put my request in now for Stevie Nicks to replace Jennifer Lopez on American Idol? After seeing her as a mentor, I think she is more than capable! She is a legend! The new little nest of squirrels that just learned to run around and eat corn in my yard agree!

    Dear Nixing Nicks:
    Although I am a huge fan of Stevie's soulful songs, I highly doubt gal would ever make it to the judge's seat. Not that she doesn't have the talent, but she simply doesn't have the same star power as Ms. Lopez. American Idol's got some stiff competition now that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have officially signed on for X Factor, not to mention A.I. alum Kelly Clarkson is now a mentor on Duets. The reality show needs a stellar female judge if they're going to win the ratings war—dare we suggest Carrie Underwood to fill the empty judge's seat? Send us your ideas!

    Dear Ted:
    OMG, Charlize Theron for best dressed by far! Kristen Stewart looks like an ancient witch in that dress! Why would they do that to her?

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    Dear Snow White Smackdown:
    I agree—when placed side-by-side in a photograph, Charlize's gown puts K.Stew to shame. That being said, we watched the Snow White and the Huntsman premiere livesteam and were absolutely stunned by Kristen's look. Our take? Kristen's ornate dress simply didn't photograph well, whereas Char's simple gown looked effortlessly chic in pics. We still say K.Stew's best dressed, but I can see why your opinion differs.

    Dear Ted:
    First time writing in but I had to share. Isn't it obvious? Alexis Biedel for Anastasia Steele! She has that girl-next-door look but is definitely a babe with those big blue eyes! And we know she isn't opposed to doing more nitty-gritty roles (Sin City). Much love to your pups!

    Dear Casting Couch:
    Not a bad idea, J—Alexis definitely has the right look for Anastasia. But I'm still convinced Lily Collins is the right gal for this role. Even though Alexis can pull off a younger look, she is in her 30s—a younger actress would be far better for the part. Then again, she went topless on Mad Men, so she might be down for the dirty scenes. Which, by the way, holy Rory Gilmore!

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    Dear Ted:
    I was hoping for an update on one of your favorite Vicers, Me-Me Dallas. What has she been up to lately? Also, does Me Me know Strawberry Snort 'Em or Debbie Doobie?

    Dear Vicing Vixens:
    Although the tabloids have been über-harsh on our gal Me Me as of late, her Vicey behavior is (relatively) under control. As for the Vicey connection? I would say yes to the first and no to the second.

    Dear Ted:
    I just saw The Avengers, and the one who caught my eye was the villain, Tom Hiddleston. He's tall, beautiful, icy stare, highly doable. How about him for Christian Grey?

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    Dear Christian Competition:
    Sorr,y L, but what's your beef with Alexander Skarsgård for the pornographic part? In my humble opinion, Tom's simply a less-sexy version of the True Blood hunk. Next suggestion, please.  

    Dear Ted:
    Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs? Love it or hate it?

    Dear Mac Attack:
    Its impressive casting and he does pull off the look, but aren't we all just waiting for the Aaron Sorkin version anyway? Maybe Ashton will do that one too…

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