Jennifer Lawrence's Olympics-Bound Trainer Rates Hunger Games Bow Skills: "We Did Not Laugh at Her"

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    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence Murray Close/Lionsgate
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    If ever there was a group of people who hold their peers to high standards, it's Olympians.

    Which means even more kudos should be headed Jennifer Lawrence's way for her right-on-target (ahem) Hunger Games skills.

    E! News chatted with Olympic-bound champion archer (and onetime bronze medalist) Khatuna Lorig, the bow-and-arrow master responsible for making sure Katniss looked the part on the big screen.

    So, how did Lorig rate Lawrence's abilities? Did she hit the mark on the big screen?

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    In a word: bull's-eye.

    Lorig explained to E! News that she was initially approached to work with Lawrence without being informed of either the actress or the project.

    "I got a call that some actress needed to learn how to shoot an arrow," she explained. "They didn't tell me much about it...I was asked to make her shoot like a professional."

    The result was daily hourlong training sessions on the very field where Lorig's own Olympics training is now taking place.

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    And while Kathuna wasn't starstruck at first by her young charge, well, that changed after she realized who she was actually working with.

    "Who was she? I had no idea," she said, explaining that it was her own mother who informed her of the status of her A-list trainee. Her reaction?

    "Oh my God, I'm working with a star!" She quickly got up to speed on the Hunger Games series, saying, "I started reading it and got hooked right away." Which means both she and Lawrence were doing their homework, with the fruits of Jennifer's labor evident onscreen.

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    "She did really good," Lorig explained, praising Lawrence's believability above other onscreen archers.

    "We did not laugh at her," she said, going on to name no names of those she and her Olympic teammates might've spared a chuckle or two for. Still, as good as Lawrence is, Lorig has set her sights on helping the starlet achieve perfection, saying she'd love to continue her training and make her "even more glamorous with a bow."

    Practice makes perfect. And ditto for Khatuna, who finds out within the next few weeks if she's made Team USA. We're pulling for ya!

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