Sometimes in a show rife with guns and action, there's nothing better than hot banter and sexual tension between partners. No, we aren't talking about Sam (LL Cool J) and Callen (Chris O'Donnell), but rather quick-witted and constantly flirty Kensi (Daniela Ruah) and Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen).

Olsen tells us all about the sexy undercover operation that'll have Kensi and Deeks sharing a roof—and a bed! Plus, get scoop on the "catastrophic" season finale cliffhanger that will bring death to NCIS: Los Angeles.

Want to know more? Find out now:

Playing House: Praise the TV gods, Densi fans (or is it Keeks?)! You are about to get a whole lot of fantasy undercover goodness. "We go undercover a lot for different situations and usually they are just for one or two scenes," Olsen explains.

"But this opens with us living together in a house. Which is fantastic because that's where people want this relationship to go, and all of a sudden it starts with us in this world—I wake up and roll over and it's a pretty fantastic episode." Yep, fantastic, we think that about sums it up. But wait, there's more.

Playing an undercover couple might lead to some (fantastically) awkward scenes as well. "Which is kind of why this episode is so fantastic, because Deeks is really good at navigating how much he can get away with based on the circumstances," Olsen tells us. "And usually he just ends up getting punched. He definitely pushes the boundaries of what he can get away with as far as proximity and affection and loving tenderness." Yes, he said affection.

Foreshadowing Future: Kensi might be a kickass agent by day, but in tonight's episode she gets to don an apron and play wife. Is this the hardest role for her to play? Maybe not.

"It comes quite as a surprise to her that she's attracted to this lifestyle," Olsen says. Could this be a glimpse into their life six seasons from now? "It throws Deeks off because she sees her as this hard-edged creature that he would never see as a normal wife or a mother. But there is something she finds in [that lifestyle] that Deeks responds to, that's attractive to him."

We asked if Kensi and Deeks could ever be together beyond an undercover operation. "That's one of the things I love the most about our producers and our writers, they paint out these storylines. All you can ask for in a relationship is that you grow and mature together. And that's what these guys are doing."

The deeper scenes beyond the sexual chemistry and banter aren't just for exposition, Olsen says: "Those are kind of monumental episodes as far as milestones in relationships. All those barriers and defenses that both of these characters have start to break down, and it builds a very interesting bond and dynamic between the two of them."

Catastrophic Chameleon: Are you ready for the two-hour season finale? "It's crazy," Olsen dishes. "So much so that when we finished the table read, everybody was freaking out, demanding to know what was happening. [The showrunner] made everybody leave the room and kept the core actors in there and said, "All right, here's the plan." Everybody was blown away.

Not only is there a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, Olsen tells us that LA's big bad, The Chameleon, will be back with a goal. "That character is gunning for Callen and revenge. It's become like Usual Suspects, it's a game of cat and mouse, and he's playing with all sorts of characters. And deaths! People die. There are catastrophic consequences to some of the actions that the characters choose." Dun. Dun. Dun. Scared yet?

Are you excited to see Kensi and Deeks married? Nervous for the cliffhanger finale? Head to the comments!

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