Brad Pitt, George Clooney

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Dear Ted:  
In your humble opinion, will Moneyball win Brad Pitt his Best Actor Oscar? I really loved the movie, but thought that Pitt and Jonah Hill were outstanding. Happy holidays to you, the girls & the staff at the A.T.!

Dear Not Ballin' Enough:
Sorry, J, Brad Pitt may have been great in Moneyball, but my vote's going to George Clooney for the Oscar win. I thought he was brilliant in The Descendants and hey, it's nice to remember Clooney for something other than his love life. Thanks, doll, and happy holidays to you too!

Dear Ted:
There's suddenly a lot of media reporting a Khloé Kardashian Odom and Lamar Odom divorce... anything there? I'd hate to think so.
Peggy O

Dear Trouble in Dallas:
I don't know where you're getting your information, P, ‘cause rest assured, there's no divorce in store for Khloé and Lamar. Couple are happy as ever, and Khloé's doing whatever she can to stick by her man during their move. Perhaps you confused her with a different Kardashian?

Dear Ted:
What's the word on Strippa Rip-Ya and Caesar Anchovy-Arse? Holiday stress is a big trigger for domestic violence; I hope she'll have a safe and happy New Year. What are the chances?

Dear New Year, New Life:
The chances are good, A, since Strippa has finally taken a stand against her man. Although Strippa and Caesar still have their share of troubles, Strippa is in a much better place for 2012. In fact, we think it may be her best year yet. After all, girl managed to remain a powerhouse performer while dealing with Caesar's controlling ways. Now that she has a little more room to breathe, who knows what she will accomplish!

Dear Ted:
So are Brucey Husker's athletic pursuits a thing of the past, or something he's still actively involved in?

Dear Active Athlete:
Husker's athletic pursuits are anything but a thing of the past.

Dear Ted:
Has Kiki Doheny ever been married?

Dear Wedded Bliss:
Yes, gal's been married once before, but Ms. Doheny's been all over the Hollywood scene since the split—not really the grieving type.  

Dear Ted:  
I'm completely addicted to your Blind Vices—seriously been reading for hours! Does Bradley Cooper's Vice have anything to do with the exchange of money?

Dear Way Off:
Sorry, S, Bradley Cooper may be Vicey, but his Vice has nothing to do with money exchange. The upside? It's much hotter.

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