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Best of 2011 / Celeb of the Year / Newsmakers- round 1
best of 2011 franchise tiles

What's the most coveted title of 2011? E! Celeb of the Year, of course! And no one has been gunning for that honor more than the folks in our Newsmakers bracket.

These 16 players have spent the last 12 months furiously jockeying for position at the top of the pop-culture pyramid, but only one can be declared the winner.

Check out the competition:

Is Charlie Sheen's year of "winning" enough to bump Christina Aguilera? Did Kate Middleton's fairy-tale wedding land earn her the top spot? Or did teen bride Courtney Stodden's explosion on the scene solidify the championship? Or could Lindsay Lohan actually walk away with it all?

We've broken it down into a NCAA-style bracket (one of four, opening yesterday with Leading Ladies), pinning the hottest names against each other.

Don't forget, to show how much we love our stars, E! will donate $25,000 to the charity of the winner's choice.

The decision is in your hands: