Talk about a beautiful way to begin! Take a gander at the recently released music video for upcoming NBC series Smash, featuring Katharine McPhee's version of Christina Aguilera's hit "Beautiful."

On top of McPhee's shimmering rendition of the song, the video also includes sneak peeks of the series, which is a backstage look at a Broadway musical about Marilyn Monroe.

So is the former Idol star cast as the idol herself?

Kinda sorta maybe. McPhee plays Karen Cartwright, a young girl from Iowa with a dream of making it on Broadway who walks in to audition for the role of Marilyn and blows everyone away. Anjelica HustonMegan HiltyChristian Borle, and Debra Messing round out the cast. 

Smash premieres February 6th on NBC. In a word: Gorgeous.

(Trick! You thought we'd say beautiful, right?)

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