Angelina Jolie, Kristen Stewart; GSI Media

Turn back the Hollywood time machine, and you may remember Angelina Jolie as the ultimate Hollywood badass. 

Whether kicking major butt as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, or sporting Billy Bob's blood as jewelry, Ms. Jolie rocked the 'tude before K.Stew even knew how to cuss. 

And since Angie's busy looking back at her dark days, we couldn't help but notice Hollywood's newfound love for a real bad babe. 

Dare we say, times are a-changin'?

'Cause trust, Tinsel Town's so over the wholesome Hollywood gal.

Take Jennifer Aniston, for example. Girl used to rock the good girl image, but now? Ms. Aniston's hipster look and raunchy roles (Horrible Bosses, anyone?) have her kissin' that sweetheart style goodbye. 

Or if that's not reason enough, take Jennifer Lawrence. J.Law literally skinned a squirrel in Winter's Bone and now battles the boys in The Hunger Games—a true beauty without one girly role in sight. 

So we must admit, these days, its gothed-out chicks like Rooney Mara or post-rehab young ones like Demi Lovato taking the reigns as today's leading ladies. 

And not only do these chicks have the 'tude to match the tough, but they are now praised for their honesty, and fully accepted for their Vicey behavior. 

Perhaps, it's a much needed surge of girl power or just the simple conclusion that really good girls rarely exist in this town?

But what say you to this new Hollywood trend—where chicks rock Vans instead of Louboutins and flash a middle finger instead of a smile? Is it still tres cool to be bad? 

Is It Still Good to Be Bad?
Which Hollywood lady image do you prefer?
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