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Grey's Anatomy Redux: Seattle Grace Heats Up With Dirty Docs

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They weren't kidding with the "hot, dirty sex" were they?

"Big risks yield big rewards" was the moral of this week's episode. As was, "knock before walking into any conference room or risk getting an eyeful." Clinical trials, inoperable tumors, sexual frustration were front and center, but which doctors found their voice and their power? The answer may surprise you:

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Scrubbing and Sexting:  There were two camps in this week's Grey's Anatomy: the doctors that were having hot monkey sex all over the hospital and those who were not. Cristina (Sandra Oh) and Owen (Kevin McKidd) fall into the former category while basically everyone else was in the latter. Callie's (Sara Ramirez) lack of sex life pushes her to succeed in the OR. And Mark (Eric Dane) pushes baked goods on everyone like a pimp. All's well that ends well and Callie kicks her baby daddy out to get some quality time in with her wife.

Fortune Favors the Bold: We didn't go to medical school, majored in TV watching instead, but we're told that fifth year residency is tough. And since hitting that dreaded fifth year, suddenly our once awesome young docs are floundering and scared. Gone are the rock-star surgeons of seasons past, instead Cristina and Alex (Justin Chambers) opt to do the safe procedure. Sigh. We are so disappoint in all of you. If you could see us we are doing a very harsh disapproval face. Buck up, docs!

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Zero to Six Months: In order to properly understand how much we loved one of this week's medical cases you have to understand our ridiculous obsession with Justified. In particular, our obsession with the show's resident hot shotgun slinger, Ava Crowder (Joelle Carter). Imagine our surprise to see Joelle Carter, named Mary, in Seattle Grace Mercy West. And she's Meredith's OB patient. And then boom! She's also Derek's Neuro patient. We love it when it works out like that (No, we don't. We're not completely evil). But she got to play the week's tragic no-win situation, unless of course it's win-win. We, and those crazy docs, learned that with big risk comes big rewards and when life, death or six months are on the line, it's time to take the biggest risks, including operating on an inoperable tumor. Derek (Patrick Dempsey) really is that good.

We have to admit we were a little worried as we watched Derek walk from the ER to the elevator, and then on what was one of the longest elevator rides to the waiting husband. Seriously nerve-wracking, but so worth it when we—we mean the husband got the good news. Yay for happy endings.

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Great Mouse Detectives: We'll let you in on a little secret: We kind of love when Chief Webber (who we refuse to stop calling the Chief) and Meredith team up. When the Chief gave up his job as Chief, he also lost something important. His mouse friends. But he wheedled his way back into to mouse lab with a little manipulation, flattery and a pretty good distraction for Bailey (Chandra Wilson): sleep.


"Can you go have sex with him to make him be nicer?" —Lexie
"Not just sex. Hot, dirty, stand-on-my-head sex." —Cristina
"So you're using me? I'm your tumor mule." —Lexie

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Macho Macho Men: When Lexie's ex and current boyfriend work together we can safely assume it will only bring trouble. Or as Jesse Williams calls it, "competition" and "macho crap" between Jackson Avery and Mark Sloan. We don't have to assume anything. This threesome is the Bermuda Triangle of Grey's Anatomy and at least one ship will be going down soon.

Still Waters Run Deep: Call us crazy but we think Cristina and Owen are getting along way too well for it to last forever. They went through some heavy stuff at the beginning of the season, and we don't believe for one second Shonda Rhimes will let that go. Drama is simmering below the surface, waiting to pounce. (We mix metaphors when we get anxious.)

Cristina-Owen and Callie-Arizona fans, was that enough sexy action for you? Do you agree with the doctor's bold choices? Are you nervous for rocky seas ahead for your favorite ship? Hit the comments!

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