Henry Cavill


How can Superman be both covered and completely exposed at the same time?

Some newly released images from Man of Steel provide a closer look at the Immortally buff Henry Cavill fully suited up for crimefighting and...we wonder if it's going to scare purists more than criminals.

Sure, there's still a big red "S" on his chest, but what else is going on here?

Gone are the red briefs and yellow utility belt, replaced with briefs that blend into the cornflower blue costume that somehow looks like it's made of latex and clay at the same time. Then there's the belt: The new version is super-skinny!

Almost thong-like, really.

And in some photos, Superman is sporting a red cape, and in others he's not, which has fans wondering whether the cape will be added digitally at times, depending on the action.

Obviously, Superman is faster than a speeding bullet, so there's no need for the armor worn by nouveau cinematic Batman. But like the Caped Crusader in recent years, the Man of Steel's abs are punched up to impossible proportions, and...that's one mighty codpiece.

Yes, we know the D.C. Comics character is getting a similar redesign in upcoming editions of Action Comics and Superman. But still, they tweaked Wonder Woman's getup to supposedly cater to a 21st-century audience, and that show never even got off the ground!

No one would ever admit it had anything to do with the costume, but we have our suspicions.

What do you think of Superman's look in Man of Steel? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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