Taylor Lautner Naked in Abduction? "There Is an Intense Steamy Scene," Star Says

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    Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Abduction
    Taylor Lautner, Lily Collins, Abduction Bruce Talamon/Lionsgate

    If you think Taylor Lautner's next movie, Abduction, is just an action flick, think again.

    There's romance, people.

    "I call it an action-drama-thriller-romance," the Twilight star told me yesterday at MTV's VMAs. "It's got everything."

    Including getting up close and personal with his leading lady, Lily Collins.

    How so? Read on to find out, plus guess which major Oscar-nominated director just told me he's looking to work with Mr. Lautner...

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    "There is an intense steamy scene," Lautner said.

    But naked they are not. "Not quite," he said. "But it does get steamy."

    Funny enough, Collins is competing with Lautner's other leading lady, Kristen Stewart, in Hollywood's battle of the Snow Whites. Both play the fairy-tale princess in separate films.

    "I can root for both of them," Lautner said, choosing his words very carefully. "They're so different. Kristen's going to be cool and edgy and dark, and I think that's really exciting, and Lily's also going to be great, but in a completely different feel."

    Coincidentally, I interviewed director Gus Van Sant about his new movie, Restless, earlier today, so I was able to ask about the recent sighting of him and Lautner at Iris, Cirque du Soleil's new show at Hollywood's Kodak Theatre. "We had gone together as a getting-to-know-you meeting," Van Sant said. "He's cool. It would be cool to do something together."

    It certainly would be. Remember, Van Sant helped Robin Williams win an Oscar for his work in Good Will Hunting and did the same for Sean Penn for Milk.

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    Now we want to hear from you. Psyched for Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins' "intense steamy" scene? Sound off below.

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