George Clooney, Elisabetta Canalis

Humberto Carreno/

George Clooney and his  girlfriend of two years Elisabetta Canalis have reportedly split. Polish up your lady parts, girls. They've asked that their "privacy be respected," which hopefully doesn't mean I shouldn't be writing a blog about it. It's a slow news day. In an interesting twist, a couple of weeks ago Elisabetta told an Italian magazine that she "will be married some day." I'm sure that had nothing to do with self-proclaimed eternal bachelor George Clooney running for the hills...or the yachts. I hope this is a lesson to all women that when you're dating a hot movie star who doesn't want to get married, enjoy it and keep your trap shut. While I feel bad for Elisabetta, I think this might be the best thing for Clooney. Over the past couple of years he seems to have gotten a little too serious, talking only about Darfur and shooting movies that only he is in. Maybe now he'll be free to go back to his prankster side. Come on, girl.

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