Ice Loves Coco

Sexy is definitely a word that best describes Ice-T's bootylicious babe of a wife Coco.

And why are we not surprised that the Ice Loves Coco reality stars have absolutely no problem opening up about bedroom antics and what, well, turns them on...

"I gotta a little thing for a foot fetish," Ice recently told us. "I like Coco's shoes, I like her legs and her butt. I like that part of her body...The shape of her ass really brings me to a full throttle."

"I love his voice," Coco coos. "It turns me on... He's got this Barry White voice."

"In the bed I think she's just very like...she's a seductress," Ice continues. "Coco's the kind of girl that'll give you a full body massage prior to sex...She understands the key thing to male sexuality which is remove stress. Once you remove the stress we turn into different things."

Sex isn't the only thing that keeps this hot duo going.

"We let each others' opinions live, you know," says Ice. "The thing of it is, she'll say what she has to say, I'll say what I have to say and then it just disappears. It's not like I have to win."

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