On The Road, Kristen Stewart

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Dear Ted:
Have you seen the latest news about Kristen Stewart? Scott Feinberg predicted that On the Road may win an Oscar and Kristen may be getting an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. How cool is that? Now we have to wait until Robert Pattinson breaks out of the vampire persona...It will be difficult but not impossible with Bel Ami coming out soon and Cosmopolis next year. It should be easy...right?

Dear Stewin' the Oscar Pot:
It definitely has Oscar bait written all over it—internationally honored director, impressive young cast, based on a literary classic—but let's not get our award hopes up until the flick hits the big screen and we see how K's acting chops are (though, I hear she is stellar). As for Rob, his recent ventures out of the fanged franchise haven't exactly been stellar (Water for Elephants, Remember Me), but I still have hope!

Dear Ted:
My little blonde cocker spaniel and I were wondering about your comments regarding Dianna Agron being one of the only castmembers to have to worry. What makes you say that?

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Dear Quinn-tisential:
Crappy small screen material and definite movie star potential. That will make any actress want to abandon the silver screen, no matter how big a hit the show is. And Di isn't the only castmember that may graduate. She's just one of the most likely.

Dear Ted:
I've come to realize the hotness that is Darren Criss. Does he have a B.V.? If not, it can only be a matter of time, right? With all the fanboys and girls lusting for him.

Dear B.V. Blues:
Maybe, but he's got a good head on his shoulders and—even with the attention he is getting—he isn't close to as famous as his peers. So for now, any Vicey secrets that he may have he's doing a good job of hiding.

Dear Ted:
Any response from my man Alexander Skarsgård regarding the horrible comments made in Cannes by his director for Melancholia? Didn't seem to affect Kristen Dunst, who went on to win the best actress award. Just curious—and am always ready to hear anything about A.Skars. Are you as excited about season four of True Blood as I am?

Dear Word Vomit:
Duh I'm excited for T.B. to start—haven't you seen me absolutely gushing over the sneak peeks that HBO keeps teasing us with?! June cannot get here soon enough. As for that whole Cannes incident, Alex likes to keep clear of any controversy with the press. Expect him to keep his distance...or at least try his hardest too. As for Kiki, well, her media-trained reaction to Lars Von Trier's Nazi rant was her best acting since Bring It On!

Dear Ted:
Does The Hunger Games cast have any good Vices? I mean Twilight is over. They have moved on. H.G. will be around for two to three years. Can we expect some spicy Vices from this crew, or is it going to be a lame and boring few years with nothing going on? They will be the new kids on the block whom people want to know about. Do you see anything good/dirty coming from them? Please say yes.

Dear Hungry for Goss:
Not just yes—hell yes, Sue. Between Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth, that set is bound to be full of B.V.s—Josh Hutcherson, on the other hand, has yet to prove himself naughty. As for the Twilight kids, it makes me laugh that you think their Vice days are behind them.

Dear Ted:
Am I crazy or is it rather odd that Brangelina was out shopping for Shiloh's birthday or something in Hollywood? I have never seen pap pictures of them together parading their "errands" for the cameras. Is something up?

Dear Pap Pic Perfect:
Something is always up with these two, duh.

Dear Ted:
I'm depressed, you've had great success at quitting cigarettes and I've been failing miserably. Cheer me up please, tell me what Nelly Fang has been up to these days. Take care!

Dear Don't Give Up:
Hey, even though I don't currently smoke, I've smoked—and quit—a billion times. Just currently much happier not smoking, a day at a time. Maybe I'll smoke one day, just not now. Don't put to much pressure on yourself, G.G., and know that Nelly Fang has sex a lot like I currently don't smoke: happily, freely.

Dear Ted:
Are you having as much Twilight and Robsten withdrawal like the rest of us? While I respect Robsten going off the grid for a bit, I still can't help but wonder what they're up to. Do you have any goss to dish, or are your sources off the grid with them? Now I wonder if Kristen Stewart will hang with TomStu and Lizzie while in London...
—Missing Robsten

Dear Bloody Bored:
Rob and Kris just...haven't been doing too much lately. I'm bored to tears actually, which makes me want to cry real tears, too! Oh, well, I figure they've earned a little bit of time out of the lime light before Breaking Dawn pandemonium. Let the countdown begin...

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