Start writing up those tributes now: Conan O'Brien's beard was just given two weeks to live.

Will Ferrell dropped in during the ever popular "fan correction" segment of Conan last night, and immediately brought the hammer down on the late-night host's longtime hirsute ways.

"The error that I found is your beard," he growled, before delivering a threat to shave off the face fuzz when he drops by the show May 2. "That thing's a huge mistake. I'm gonna come there and fix it myself. Whether you like it or not, I'm gonna shave your beard. It's coming off."

And just in case that wasn't enough smack talk for the hairy host, who has not appeared sans beard since the final days of his Tonight Show reign, Ferrell dropped a few more verbal bombs on the peach-fuzzed funnyman.

"I am circling your face like a vulture who eats hair…I am serious. Beardly serious." Serious enough for us to set our DVRs, by the sound of it.

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