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American Idol fans can rest easy. Casey Abrams is finally out of the hospital, and he told us at the 28th Annual Paley Television Festival event in Beverly Hills that he's "feeling really good." 

The 20-year-old finalist was noticeably absent from the March 10 elimination show, when host Ryan Seacrest shocked fans with the news that Casey was bedbound at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, without explaining much more about Abrams' condition, leading us to wonder if he was going to be able to continue on the road to Idol glory.

So what's the latest on the Idol hopeful's condition? And how do Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler really feel about their reps and the Idol hype?

As Casey hit the red carpet to pose for photos with the rest of this year's finalists, he appeared a little rundown, with bedhead and a paler-than-usual complexion. The unconfirmed rumor flying around had it that Casey was suffering from an infection of his lower intestine and colon, but even veteran judge Randy said he was fuzzy on the exact nature of Casey's medical problem. 

"I don't know the extent of what his health problems are, but I'm hoping and praying—we're all praying because we love him," he said. "He's doing pretty well. I saw him the other day. Happy to see him and hope that his health continues, because I mean, the guy is so talented. He's one of my favorites. So I think he's going to be all right."

Although Casey's health is improving, his future on Idol is unknown, but he doesn't hesitate to credit his fans for their part in inspiring his stellar performances. "The audience makes me feel really good," says Casey.

Speaking of favorites, some fans have not been so readily embracing Idol's resident dawg, claiming that Randy is this season's "mean judge." But that's a rep Randy doesn't want, and he took the panel discussion of the show as an opportunity to set the record straight on his judging style. 

"I am not mean," he said. "Listen, I have always said I didn't like things, if people were terrible or it wasn't great before, it's just that maybe [now] I'm just one of the fewer ones saying it."

Regardless of what fans think, Randy says his bond with fellow panelists Jennifer Lopez and Steven has been unbreakable since a get-to-know-you dinner party hosted by Ryan at his home before the start of season 10.

"Within five minutes...we got on like a house on fire," he laughed.

Steven, who we found out was the 40th or so person to be considered for the open judges' seats on the show this year, initially questioned how joining Idol would impact his Aerosmith career, but he revealed he's beyond happy with his new judging role. 

"Stopping, and putting on the brakes and doing Idol, it gave me an arena to be who I really am," he said. "This is just how I am, always have been, it's just been kept under the hood of rock 'n' roll."

Are you happy Casey Abrams is back in the Idol mix? Do you love or loathe Steven Tyler as a judge? Who are you rooting for this week on Idol? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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