Bill Clinton, Bradley Cooper, Charlie Sheen

Jay West/; Kevin Winter/Getty Images; John Sciulli/

Heather Graham isn't the only celeb you won't be seeing in The Hangover 2.

Despite rumors that Charlie Sheen and former president Bill Clinton will be appearing in the highly anticipated sequel, the film's star Bradley Cooper tells us...

However fitting a Charlie Sheen cameo may seem, Cooper assured us the embattled actor will not be in the movie.

Nor will the former commander in chief.

"Bill Clinton, we saw him give a speech in Bangkok," Cooper told us last night at the Hollywood premiere of his new flick Limitless. "Me and Zachie [Galifianakis] and Todd [Phillips]...were honored enough to have dinner with him."

And what about a third Hangover?

"I mean, I would do anything with Todd and those guys," Cooper said. "If it was a great script, of course! And I love Phil. I love the character so much."

Hangover 3D, anyone?

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