Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen

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Not everything that Charlie Sheen says these days is a full cup of crazy.

I just got word that his claim that Mel Gibson has reached out to him is actually true.

Oh? Read on for more...

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Gibson has been reaching out to the Two and a Half Men actor  "for some time now," a source says.  "Mel's trying to save this guy's life."

Sheen told CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight last night that the Oscar winner called him to offer support.

"He's a stone cold dude," Sheen said of Gibson.

Sheen also told Howard Stern about Gibson when he called into his radio show this morning. "Of course he did," Sheen said when the shock jock asked if Gibson had called. "Mel's a rock star. I love him...I'm a huge fan and I think he's a beautiful man." (FYI to Sheen: Mel Gibson's next movie, The Beaver, is not a film starring one of your goddesses.)

Sheen has also named Sean Penn and Colin Farrell as supporters.

"Sean Penn was over [at my house] the other night and we had a few laughs," he told Morgan.

Sorry, Charlie, but your life is no laughing matter.

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