Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry

Kevin Mazur/ Getty Images

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have found a way to get along, or at least they have learned to stop publicly bashing each other.

It's being reported that Gabriel will relocate to New York and play Mr. Mom to Nahla while Halle is there working. This is a big step, folks, because even though Halle got custody to take their 2-year-old daughter with her, she's apparently allowing Aubry to be the primary caregiver while she films there.

Friends close to Gabriel are super relieved...know why?

"Because he's a good guy, not a dog," a source close to Gabriel tells us.

It certainly seemed like he played a little dirty though, no?

"I think he was shocked by how Halle came at him," continues the friend, referring to the racist allegations and such. "He's just not that way, [and] the whole thing really took him by surprise."

As any parent who has gone through a custody battle knows, it can certainly bring out the worst in people. But friends to the former lovebirds were also shocked at how this all went down.

"I think maybe Halle's used to having guys treat her badly, so she sort of just assumes that's going to happen and starts treating whichever guy she's with that way," assumes our insider who is very familiar with Gabriel's baby mama. "But I don't think he did [treat her badly]."

We love us some Kim Kardashian (and look at her—how can a guy resist), but we have a feeling that had a lot to do with pissing off Halle.

Actually, we know that had a lot to do with it. Anyone who dates Ms. K knows that fame comes pretty cheaply.

"Kim was so out of there the minute Halle sprung into action over [Gabriel] dating her. She said, ‘no way, I'm not doin' this.' "

Smart girl, our Kim!

Still, our source insists fame or a famous fling isn't what Gabriel was looking for.

"He's a very chill dude—not a player at all."

Glad to hear it! And glad to hear that he and Halle are getting along. It's what is best for their daughter. We just wish the Lohans could have figured this out 10-plus years ago.

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