Who needs scripted shows when two of the biggest reality shows on television are getting ready for new seasons?

Dancing With the Stars has announced a Mar. 21 premiere date for season 12! More importantly, when are they announcing the cast? And where can you go to audition for The Biggest Loser? We've got answers, and the rest of your TV news roundup...

Dancing With The Stars: For the president and members of "Put Bombshell McGee on DWTS," the wait is almost over: the new cast will be announced during The Bachelor episode on Feb. 28. Place the disco-ball sticker on your kitty calendars...the stars be dancing again soon.

The Biggest Loser: NBC's weight-loss series will be hitting 13 cities to look for contestants, both in teams and individuals. Dates, times, locations are all at TheBiggestLoserCasting.com.

Gossip Girl: Ryan from Philadelphia emailed us to voice a GG concern that many of you seem to have: where in tarnation is Jessica Szohr? We went looking for answers, and we were told that Vanessa "will return this month." Speaking of Gossip Girl, here's a look at next week's episode, titled "Panic Roommate."  

Glee: If you've ever wanted to see mini firework-shooting megaphones strapped to a Cheerios' chest, wonder no more. Check out this performance of "California Gurls" from the Glee Super Bowl episode.

The Office: Are you "Scranton hot?" Or "good-looking, but not WB looking?" If so, then the casting directors at The Office are looking for you! That's right, two new roles have opened up on The Office for next season, reports EW.com. One is the assistant to the office manager (not assistant office manager), and the other is a new member of the accounting department. So, Pam is getting an assistant and maybe Oscar is getting a love interest? Hey, we're just here to speculate.

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