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Nobody snubs Joan Rivers and walks away unscathed. The celebs caught by our Fashion Police chief know that well enough. And now, thanks to their omission of Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work from the Best Documentary Feature category, so too will the Oscar voters.

"We were told by someone in the Academy—I can't say who—that the nominating committee didn't think [the film] had enough social significance," Rivers told The Daily Beast.

"I said, 'Next time I'll carry around a crippled child from Africa.' What assholes. But we just got a couple of other awards. It's OK."

In brighter news, it sounds like the Golden Globes just found Ricky Gervais' presumptive successor.

But as for the Oscars, at least Joan is in good (and hilarious) company.

"I don't think Ricky Gervais will ever get an Oscar nomination," she said. "And he was great. That group there, the Hollywood Foreign Press, they're coming down on him, but look at the humor they have! They nominated The Tourist for Best Comedy!"

On second thought, maybe it's better for all involved that Rivers sit out this year's festivities.

"The Academy is smarter," she said, referring to their choice of less controversial—by comparison, anyway—hosts for the Feb. 27 ceremony. "They picked Anne Hathaway to do the Oscars so they'll have a nice, nice boring show, but who cares? It's all about the dresses anyhow."

And we all know who to thank for that, now don't we?

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