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Right before Glee creator Ryan Murphy talked about how excited he was to be working with Anne Hathaway for an upcoming appearance where  Anne will play a lesbian, Murphy settled a score. 

"It's actually me," Murphy answered backstage after Glee's big Golden Globe win, when I asked about rumors that Lea Michele was the show's most notorious diva.

That's odd.


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Because just as Lea was ascending the stage back in the press room of theBeverly Hilton, she declared, ravishing in satin, "it's all me! It's all me!"

Uh, Lea, there's a Glee gal who disagrees with you.

"I'm the queen", bitched Jane Lynch, towering in black sequins and a ruthless glare. "where's my ring?"

Judging by the look on Lea's face, I'd say Jane's not getting that royal jewel anytime soon.

Or from Ryan, apparently.

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