Paul Hogan

AP Photo

If Paul Hogan has his way, he probably wouldn't mind throwing a few Aussie officials on the barbie.

The erstwhile Crocodile Dundee star is filing an $80 million lawsuit against Australian authorities for allegedly damaging his good name and rep when they conducted a five-year criminal investigation into his tax dealings—but no charges were ever filed against him.


Per Australia's Sydney Morning Herald, Hogan claims he suffered up to $15 million annually in loss of earnings as well as job opportunities due to the failed probe, which at one point barred him from leaving Australia and traveling overseas.

''His earning potential and reputation has been decimated in the international community and it has had that level of effect on his position,'' his lawyer, Andrew Robinson, told Fairfax Media.

As if 2001's Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles was such a big success...but we digress.

On Nov. 23, the Australian Crime Commission dropped its inquiry, citing "insufficient prospects of securing convictions" on charges of money laundering and tax evasion as part of a crackdown on tax havens.

Hogan's camp says the 71-year-old actor is also demanding an apology too.

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