Barack Obama, Turkey, Bill Maher

Olivier Douliery/Picture Group via AP Images; HBO

As if Barack Obama didn't have enough to worry about, the President is now ruffling PETA's feathers.

And it's not because he's been sporting fur to stay warm in those Washington, D.C., winters.

In a letter to President Obama...

Bill Maher urges our commander in chief to take better care of the turkeys pardoned during the White House's annual Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation.

"After their 15 minutes of fame are over, they will be banished to obscurity, trading in the limelight for a cramped dive, forgotten by the masses," the talk-show host writes on behalf of PETA.

In the letter, Maher blasts the 21-year-old tradition, claiming that in past years, the saved turkeys have been used as tourist attractions at theme parks, where they are treated harshly and die prematurely.

"I propose a New Rule," Maher writes. "From now on, let's bring credibility to the ceremony and genuine compassion to 'pardoned' turkeys by sending them to a real sanctuary."

PETA has already lined up a safe haven for this year's turkeys that includes veterinary care and socialization for the birds.

Definitely a happier ending than most turkeys get on Thanksgiving!

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