Dean McDermott,  Liam McDermott, Tori Spelling, Mimi LaRue

Jesse Grant/

Paws for a moment of silence.

Tori Spelling's camera-friendly pug Mimi La Rue, a staple in paparazzi shots, on her reality shows and the namesake of her and hubby Dean McDermott's ill-fated B&B, died Tuesday of natural causes at the ripe old doggy age of 11.

Spelling tells E! News that her beloved four-legged friend, who suffered from hip and neck problems, died at the family home, surrounded by the couple, year-old son Liam and 10-day-old daughter Stella.

"We are planning a small memorial service for her with our close friends," says Spelling.

Mimi's casket will be, yes, pink.

The family, which also includes two rescues, Chiquita and Ferris, won't be getting a new pooch right away.

"Mimi La Rue is irreplaceable," Spelling tells us. "Mimi was truly one of a kind and no one can ever take her place."

We're sure Mimi and Paw Paw are already swapping stories.

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