Joan Collins, Jennifer Aniston

Courtey of Dan and Corina Lecca; Kevin Winter/Getty Images

With the recent bitch attack from Joan Collins on girl-next-door beauty Jennifer Aniston, we can't help but see a recurring appetite lingering among Hollywwood's Golden-Age gals: It seems the oldies want to have their cake and eat all the newbie cake, too!

It's an old pattern: Stars like Collins and Faye Dunaway—and certainly men, too—were lauded for being talents and beauties during their heyday, but then, once all that sags (it's a damn tough thing to watch your career drop), some of these bitchier broads take it out on their replacements. Hard to blame ‘em, but let's face it: It's tacky as hell.

Which is why we're pointing out who's hatin' on the hip newcomers and biting ‘til their dentures fall out! Check out who's eating who in our new hair-pulling, name-calling and bitch-slapping gallery, Hollywood Eats Its Young.

And no worries, we've got some male dogs to offset the female ones, but trust, everyone's claws are coming out for this one.

PHOTOS: Hollywood Eats Its Young gallery

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