Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart


After visiting girlfriend Kristen Stewart in Montreal this past week, Robert Pattinson hopped a flight with our fave babe and they headed back to L.A. yesterday.

But they weren't alone...

Some skeevy paparazzi booked a ticket last minute on their same plane in hopes for another one of those non-grainy "money shots" in flight.

Robsten may be media savvy, but they sure as hell aren't going to sell themselves out like that.

Hence, some of the photos of the couple arriving together showed K.Stew flipping the bird to the awaiting paps. Who btw, were yelling at them to "find new jobs" if they don't like being famous.

Sure, the fame game is part of the acting territory but really? Having paps be that invasive? We so can't blame R & K for being cranky after their trip!

But anyways, back to the fun stuff.

Like we told you, their trip would be short and super sweet. Stewart will continue working hard per usual finishing up On the Road (which we hear is going awesomely).

The couple kept busy in Canada, with Kristen on set practically every day working (and Rob visiting her most of those days). But they still had time for mucho fan photo ops, a few dinners with friends and Stewart's costars, and of course some make-out sessions.

So what now?

Clearly R & K have changed their media attitude to "we don't give a f--k anymore" and we love it!

Amongst some of the way false reports out there (like, say, fake Ted Casablancas posting on Twilight message boards) some are still claiming Robsten are going to quit the biz to focus strictly on their relaysh.

As in love as we are with Robsten, we would hate for this to happen, so good thing that it's not true. The phrase work hard play hard was invented for a reason!

Like those rumors that Rob was distracting Kristen by visiting her up there are bull.

"Rob supports that girl and her career 100 percent," says a source close to the couple. And we can assure that is vice versa too.

So while the couple continues working on their other projects before Breaking Dawn production starts up in November, you can bet there will be many more (albeit we assume more private) date nights ahead here in L.A.

Let's just hope they use their other hideout besides that love nest they sometimes share in Bel Air, 'cause more and more paps and fans have figured out where that one is.

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