This is an interesting change of pace.

Yes, Russell Crowe has several great movies on his résumé that don't involve him wielding some kind of blunt object or a firearm. But let's face it. There are a lot of movies on Russell Crowe's résumé where he does wield a blunt object or a firearm. And that's what make this trailer for The Next Three Days so great...

Days is the latest flick from Academy Award winner and Walker, Texas Ranger writer Paul Haggis (he won for Crash.) Crowe plays John Brennan, whose wife Laura (Elizabeth Banks) has been arrested for murder. She's innocent, of course, but as her lawyer tells Crowe: "It doesn't matter what we believe! Laura is not getting out!"

Logically, the only thing left to do is to contact Liam Neeson, who apparently has experience breaking out of jails and is of the motto: "No jail is airtight." This is where the fun starts.

It's during the breakout's planning stage (wall map: check!) that Crowe, action-movie veteran, handler of bows, arrows, swords and machine guns, delivers this gem while purchasing a pistol: "Show me where the bullets go."

Check out the trailer for The Next Three Days and tell us what you think.

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