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Even though ab-perfect Dennis Quaid hasn't exactly been hitting box office gold lately—what with his last two big flicks being G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Legion—there's still an audience ravenous for him: lusty multigenerational broads!

See, they came out in legions to support that night job of his—you know, as frontman of Dennis Quaid and The Sharks.

Denny was in full rock-star mode last night at Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills, but do his concerts entertain more than his cinema duds do?

Seems so, if the bevy of babes mobbing the stage was any indication. Ladies of all ages—including, to our delight, a grandma who elbowed her way to the front to chat up Denny between songs—danced through the band's hour-plus set, stopping only to snap pictures of the lead singer.

Dennis, who looked supersexy in blue jeans and a slim\-fitting white T-shirt that showed off his still-ripped bod, appeared to have knocked back a few drinks before the show, but it only added to his rocker persona.

Taking notes, Sean Penn? Both bod-wise and handling-your-liquid-intake-wise.

Swinging his hips and strutting around the stage, Dennis crooned his way through a series of original songs and oldie rock covers.

And, at one point, he even dashed through the crowd, strumming his electric guitar the whole time.

"I should have grabbed his ass!" one of the hungry gals cried as the hunk passed by, echoing what was sure to be a regret of many of the women in attendance. Wonder if Meg Ryan is regretting the same damn thing. We would be!

The 56-year-old dude may have even rocked too hard, taking only a minor break during his set to switch out three broken strings on his guitar—a new record, he proudly boasted to the audience.

Around midnight, Dennis bowed off with a "God bless you and God bless America!"—just like a true rock star. Looks like the box office won't be getting Denny down anytime soon.

Just as frenzied elsewhere in L.A. was the yummy...

Kim Kardashian, getting her shop on along Robertson Boulevard.

Before attending her one of a zillion functions Tuesday night at Beach Bunny Swimwear, Kim was spotted strutting down the paparazzi-haunted street around Intermix.

Kim K. looked tiny in a dark blazer and pants (it's slightly chilly here in L.A.) as she walked back to her shiny black Range Rover.

The middle Kardashian sis smiled politely to the handful of paps chasing her down.

Another bitchin' babe who was in a mood to give good face to the shutterbugs happened to be...

AnnaLynne McCord, at Industry Nightclub.

Earlier in the week, the 90210 darling (and Kellan Lutz's arm candy) made a quick appearance at the hot club o' the moment in West Hollywood, going in just to hang briefly with a few friends. But don't think this babe was pissed the paps followed her there!

We're told the blonde, looking sex-ay per usual, was superfriendly with the men behind the flashing lights, taking time to chat with all of them before taking off into the night. Sweet or desperate?

Oh, did someone say desperate? Guess that means we'll have to let you know: Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne were also seen at Industry together the same night.

Perhaps more vitally sexy over in New York was...

Nigel Barker, the only doable judge of America's Next Top Model (sorry, Tyra), celebrating his birthday at Via Dei Mille restaurant in SoHo Tuesday night. Barker, looking pretty yummy in a pinstriped blazer and white collared shirt, was with five of his good buds at the new, hip restaurant.

The group ordered bottles of Via Dei Mille Prosecco and dined on the fritto misto, veal meatballs, bruschetta and grilled salmon. Nigel and the gang must have been having a blast because they stayed at the restaurant for nearly three hours, eating, drinking and having a damn good time.

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