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Oh, bless you, Lost writers. Before you undoubtedly tear us to pieces in the coming weeks, you have given us something good tonight.

A moment we've all been waiting years for finally happened—holler!—but it was actually four little words earlier in the episode that brought me to tears...

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You can find out those four little words in the "What Lies Ahead" section below.


Sun and Jin Are Reunited and It Feels So Good: Final-freakin'-ly! Did anyone else expect the fence on the beach to zap Sun and/or Jin as they ran toward each other for their long-awaited reunion? Thank you, Lost bosses, for giving us this one pure, lovely moment amid all the Island-war chaos that is building. Jin vowed to Sun that they "will never be apart again," and based on what I've heard so far, I'm thinking that is probably gonna be true.

Jack Is a Man of Faith Now: Dr. Jack Shepard (Matthew Fox) has come full circle from where he began on this series as the "Man of Science," taking a quite obvious physical and metaphorical "leap of faith," as Sawyer described it,  jumping off the boat to see what else the Island needs from him. With each passing episode, Jack is shaping up to be a more realistic replacement for Jacob—which, of course, probably means that it won't be him. Though the Locke Mess Monster believes that Jack is "with" him now, I'd put a whole heap of money on Jack keeping his wits about him and not "drinking the Locke Kool-Aid," as James put it, in the final episodes.

Desmond Is Getting Freakier by the Minute: OK, I know the guy is special and all and he has a master plan to make all the Flight 815ers in the Sideways world remember, but let the record show that if Des were following my eight-months-pregnant ass around an office building like he follows Claire, I would kindly shut that elevator door in his face, with one hand on my mace. That said, Desmond has such an ethereal, purposeful, calm demeanor both on the Island and off (even while holed up in that well about to get shot by Sayid) that it's clear he knows so much more than most, if not all, the other Losties. Turns out that being able to willfully jump between space and time gives you all kinds of insight.

Reexamining John Locke: That scene in which Fake Locke and Jack first came face to face had some pretty great revelatory moments, did it not? I now understand why Matthew Fox was too busy the day I was on set to jibber-jab with me...He was prepping for that night scene with Terry O'Quinn. We now know with 100 percent certainty that the Man in Black took the shape of Jack's father, Christian Shepard (and who else?), and we were reminded by Jack that John Locke "was the only one of us who ever believed in this place [the Island]" and "did everything he could to keep us from leaving." I just can't help but wonder, is there any way John Locke from the Sideways world could end up being the new Jacob on the Island? Mayhaps? 'Cause at this point I'm pulling for Locke or maybe  Desmond to claim the throne, even though they're not on "the list." You?

Kate Didn't Kiss Anyone: So it seems Evangeline's vanilla-mint chapstick is staying put for the time being. Hmph! (If you missed all my on-set interviews from tonight's episode, including Evangeline's kiss talk, they're down below.)

Exchange of the Night: Sawyer: "Sayid has gone over to the Dark Side." Hurley: "Yeah, but you can always bring people back from the Dark Side. I mean, Anakin." Sawyer: "Who the hell is Anakin?" Did you ever hear Damon Lindelof is a huge Star Wars fan?


"The baby is fine." Why, you may ask, did I outright sob when Jin said those four words to Sun in the hospital in the Sideways world? Because I have it on good authority that things are going to get very ugly for many of our favorite Losties in coming weeks, and I'm pushing for most, if not all of them to land in their lives in the Sideways world at the very end. (Please oh please, Darlton, make it so?) Of course, in the case of Sun and Jin, that only works if their baby girl survived. And she did!

Lost, Terry O'Quinn

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John Locke Is in Good Hands: Another plea for the outcome of the Sideways world? John Locke seems to be on his way to being able to walk there, too, and have Helen (Katey Segal) and eat their wedding cake, too. Jack, who is told "that's why we called you in" when he arrived to the hospital, seems considerably more confident and qualified to perform a miracle...Especially now that he's a man of faith!

The Man in Black Is Tom Hanks! According to tonight's promo, the Man in Black's "soul had gone mad...living alone in the wilderness." Are you to tell me that if he'd had a volleyball-head pal like Wilson in Castaway, all this evil could have been avoided? Damn.

Bring a Hanky Next Episode: You will cry. Unless the Smoke Monster already ate your soul.


What did you think of tonight's episode? Is Jack really on Team Black now, or is he playing Locke and only interested in fulfilling his Island fate? Were you disappointed there wasn't more of the Kate-Jack-Sawyer triangle in this episode, or happy it's taking the backseat for the final episodes? Bets on Jack's baby mama in the Sideways world? Discuss below...

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