Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Tom Sturridge

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Remember that whole Robsten's watching you watching them piece that flew over so many of your heads? You know, like how they love it when you Robsten die-hards freak out about how Kristen Stewart is visiting Robert Pattinson in Budapest for her B-day? Well, here's another perfect example of what we're talking about.

Continuing with our weeklong celebration of everything Robsten, behold:

The Case of the Traveling Shirt.

Stewart, Pattinson and Rob's BFF Tom Sturridge have all been photographed wearing the same T-shirt.

So what does it mean?!

Who the ef knows. And that's precisely what they want you to think—we know that for a fact.

It's safe to say Twi-hards are a whole new breed of fans. We don't mean that in a bad way! Although some fanfic can cross the line, the majority of Twi lovers keep their adoration classy (except in some cases it can borderline on obsessive).

Rob and Kristen so know this. And while they couldn't heart their faithful followers more, they also know how to have a little fun—with everybody. It's a total party!

Hence the T-shirt. Rob and Kristen know when they're going to be photographed and know their fans are smart enough to pick up on similar clothing. Before this T-shirt, keep in mind, there was tons of speculation on the possible trading of sunglasses, another shirt, a hat, jewelry, probably a nipple-ring somewhere in there, too.

Of course, it keeps the media chatter alive, which Robsten also so don't mind, so don't think R and K are oblivious to their outfit choices! Maybe this is their way of making a couple statement? Yep.

But then, what's Tom Sturridge's role here? A three-way love triangle à la Nikki Reed? We could only dream!

So what's your take on the traveling shirt? Coincidence or a whole new way to mess with us all?


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