John Mayer, Jessica Simpson

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Don't hope for a reconciliation between these two exes, darlings, 'cause they couldn't be more different these days.

As John Mayer has been blabbing to the press and trying to give his image a much-needed makeover, Jessica Simpson has been focusing her efforts in a more philanthropic way—by continuing her work with the terrific Operation Smile.

The blond babe has left her notoriously ditzy days behind and has been traveling the world for her new show, The Price of Beauty, and she has made quite the impact…

Through her devotion to community service! Imagine that, huh? Talk about a good way to clean up after your association with a dude who's notorious for leaving a total stinky mess in the bedroom!

Operation Smile is a worldwide charity that provides safe, effective reconstructive surgery for children born with facial deformities. It's absolutely stunning when you see what your dollars do to help a kid who'd otherwise have a much tougher time of it.

For an episode of her show, Jessica documented a young girl's journey in India as she underwent corrective surgery for a cleft lip and cleft palate, performed by Operation Smile medical volunteers.  

Instead of lame onstage apologies, we'd like to see John take a page out of his ex's book and donate his time to a meaningful cause—and we don't just mean getting back to his music. Mayer's totally skanky Operation Slut prior to his current tour is gonna take a whole lot more to rebound from than just tweakin' that damn guitar.

To participate in Operation Smile's "Smile Mosaic," Visit to upload photos, check out other smile mosaics and donate to Operation Smile.


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