Jennifer Aniston, beware, you may have a new enemy on your hands—one who doesn't go by the moniker Brangelina!

Bill Lawrence, bigwig over at Cougar Town (home to Aniston bestie Courteney Cox), has issued a stern warning to the The Bounty Hunter star should she not honor his request for a Friends reunion on the set of his newest hit:

"Jennifer Aniston will be dead to me..."

Dun-dun-dun. Alright, he's teasing, but if Lisa Kudrow can make it happen, we have no doubt Bill's serious about bringing the rest of Courteney's friends on board.

A Friends reunion is very much in the works, if Bill and producer Kevin Biegel have anything to say about it. In fact, Kevin thinks that doing so will propel Cougar Town all the way into syndication.

"I want to work my way through the whole cast of Friends. Why not? That's such an easy get," he tells us with a laugh. "Do Jennifer Aniston in the season premiere, Matthew Perry halfway through the season, and then get [Matt] LeBlanc way at the end of the year. And then bring [David] Schwimmer in as the brother in the end of the year."

And if things fall through, Bill will just step in for Chandler..."I count technically as Mathew Perry because we look a little alike," he teases. "I would kill to have everybody from Friends, everyone from Scrubs and everyone from Spin City on the show before it's over. I'll do everything I can to do it."

We can get excited for the next few weeks of C-Town because Grammy winner Sheryl Crow is coming on and we hear she's pretty awesome—even if she means trouble for Grayson and Jules.

"Sheryl Crow is my girlfriend for a few episodes and we do a duet," her onscreen lovah Josh Hopkins tells us. Does he play his now famous guitar? "I do." Does she join him? "She does. It's an original."

"She plays a wine vendor who goes around selling wine to restaurants and bars," Josh explains, "and if you've seen our show, there's a lot of wine drinking, so it fits right in."

She fits in so well, she sorta steals Jules' BFF, Ellie. "Christa [Miller] goes behind her friends' back and makes friends with Sheryl," Bill says. "She's a supercool girl; she can actually act."

Are you excited to see Sheryl on Cougar Town? Or are you just holding out hope for that much-talked-about Friends reunion? Let us know in the comments below, and catch an all new episode of Cougar at 9:30 p.m. on ABC.


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