Amber Rose, Kanye West

RAMEY PHOTO; Dominique Charriau/Getty Images; ANG/Fame Pictures; Julien Hekimian/Getty Images

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After spending the latter half of '09 lying low after hurting Taylor Swift's feelings, Kanye's been slowly making his way back into the spotlight at various Paris Fashion Week shows. Dude just loves fashion too much to miss it.

It's no fun to go alone, so naturally he has been dragging his dress-up doll/robot girlfriend Amber Rose around with him. And wow. The things this crazy lady has been wearing are incredible (we think that's the right word?).

From left to right, we have the nasty see-through stringy dress as they leave the Kris Van Assche show, the gold hooded dress for Chanel, a neon furball jacket just for running around town and a floor-length fur for more formal events like the Louis Vuitton show.

She has an incredible way of making everything she touches turn hoochie, which works out perfectly when your main goal is to grab as much attention as possible. So: mission accomplished, everyone! Aren't we glad to have these two crazy kids back?

Amber isn't the only one rocking the fugly fashion this week. Check out Kristen Bell's awesomely bad outfit in our Fashion Police gallery, where it's up to you to write her up.

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