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Tuesday Time-Slot Hell: Glee Versus Lost

Glee Joe Viles/FOX

OK, so apparently, all the TV networks simultaneously noticed Tuesday nights have been a bit of a dead zone in terms of hipster TV. Yes, CBS has lots of high-rated shows that night, and FX has had Sons of Anarchy, and ABC is trying its darnedest with V, but compared to the utter gridlock of Mondays and Thursdays, Tuesday TV has been blissfully low-stress when it comes to must-see shows.

No more. Fox just released its 2010 TV schedule and it has placed Glee's new episodes (which premiere April 13) on Tuesday at 9 p.m. Unfortunately, Tuesdays at 9 p.m. just so happen to be when ABC is putting the final season of Lost. Not to mention there are already plenty of Melrose Place, NCIS: L.A. and The Biggest Loser fans out of there, and their faves all already air at that time.

Brutal, man. Our house has four DVRs total, so we can probably survive this without picking up a third dual-tuner TiVo at Best Buy, but most people don't have such a gluttonous appetite for TV. Therefore: Choices must be made.

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How will your household resolve this Glee vs. Lost time-slot conflict? Do you have any advice for ABC or Fox about how to deal with this situation? Tell us in the comments!


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