Dr. Conrad Robert Murray, Michael Jackson

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Whoever said "everything leaves a paper trail" was damn right.

Dr. Conrad Murray has admitted to giving Michael Jackson the surgical anesthetic propofol to help him sleep, and police say they know where he got it.

According to additional search warrant documents released Friday, investigators found receipts in Murray's Nevada office showing that the cardiologist purchased five bottles the drug from a Las Vegas pharmacy on May 12 and had it mailed to the L.A. mansion Jackson was living in when he died a month later.

All of which should come as no shock to anyone, according to Murray's attorney.

"The fact that Dr. Murray ordered five bottles of propofol is consistent with what he told investigators," attorney Edward Chernoff said in a statement today.

Applied Pharmacy Services was also raided by authorities in the course of their investigation, but a judge initially wouldn't OK the release of the fruits of their search to the public.

The receipts show that Murray bought five 100-millileter bottles of propofol from the medical-supply pharmacy as part of an order that cost $853. He then paid another $65 to have the propofol shipped overnight to Jackson's place.

According to the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, there was nothing abnormal about the amount ordered, it is not illegal to ship propofol across state lines, and the the government does not track sales and shipment of propofol, because it is not classified as a controlled substance.

Murray, who has admitted to administering 50 mg. of propofol to Jackson hours before he died, was the target of a manslaughter investigation in connection with Jackson's June 25 death due to an accidental overdose of medications, including a lethal amount of propofol.

The death was labeled a homicide, but despite but Janet Jackson and various other Murray critics have had to say, the doc remains uncharged in connection with the King of Pop's demise.


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