Source: Brad and Angelina "Over" Hollywood

    Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt Tony Barson//Getty Images

    With all the reader concern as of late 'bout Angelina Jolie's sickly arms, Shiloh's clothes and Brad Pitt's marital woes—we decided to check in with one of our dear friends who just also happens to be a close chum to the Jolie-Pitts. No joke.

    We filled our superconnected inside Brangie source in on some of our latest run-ins with the blessed couple. Remember back at the Inglourious Basterds premiere where Angelina fessed she and Brad would def be quitting movies someday, and that they would be focusing on kids instead of their careers?

    Well, seems like Angie might have been a bit too eager back in August:

    "Never, ever, ever" dishes our Brangie hanger-on, when we asked if Brad was looking to get out of the moviemaking biz.

    "He's always talking about it, but he will never do it. He can't—their family is just too big, their nut's too big, he can't afford it. It can't happen, and it won't."

    Sure that isn't just code for, I'm not quitting until I get my damn Oscar?

    "You're absolutely wrong on that," our lovely insider stressed. "He doesn't care about that, never did, and never has."

    Think you know what is most important to Brad? Betchya you'll never guess.

    "He just wants to have a family," emphasizes our mutual pal. "[Brad] might want to do something else like architecture, but both of them are over the business."

    Did you hear that? Over the business? You don't say! Could that be why Ms. J's always off being the new sainted Princess Di in foreign countries and Brad can't stop buying overpriced vintage cocktail tables?

    And maybe Angie and Brad aren't that far off from the rest of plenty of plain ole Americans. Ready to retire, but can't because of all their damn mouths to feed? Scary when you catch yourself starting to relate to them, huh?

    Check back Monday for more dish on Angelina—including a Jen Aniston showdown!


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