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It was only a matter of time before allegedly cuckolded reality wife Kate Gosselin scored herself a book deal. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with the state of her marriage, her husband or their respective big-mouthed kin.

Gosselin, whose dedication to all things organic has been well documented on her TLC hit, Jon & Kate Plus 8, is set to release her first cookbook, Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals Into Memories, this fall.

While lists the book's release date as Oct. 13, publisher Zondervan has the more vague "coming November 2009."

As it is, Gosselin is something of an old hand at having someone ghostwrite authoring books, having already released two: Eight Little Faces and Multiple Bles8ings, the latter of which she cowrote with hubby Jon Gosselin.

Needless to say, he will not be pitching in on her latest endeavor.

Love Is in the Mix will feature recipes, traditions and photos of the suddenly strained 10-strong clan (right about now Zondervan may be regretting referring to them as "America's most famous close-knit family" on the book's back cover).

Per the publisher, the cookbook will also feature "meaningful mealtime blessings, how to begin eating organically, how to feed a large family on a budget" and more.

"Kate also offers insight into handling picky eaters, making lunchtime fun, planning meals for vacations, and making ordinary days extra special."

The 240-pager is available for preorder now.


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