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    Ashley Greene Dishes New Moon Romances

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    Ashley Greene
    Ashley Greene Beck Starr/Getty Images

    Twilight cutie Ashley Greene hosted an event at Kitson last night benefiting the Donate My Dress Charity in WeHo.

    We heart Ash, so natch we had to snatch her first and get some of those nasty little hookup questions off our chest, before going back and celebrating a great cause.

    Ash dished the possibility of Robsten and...Jackley?

    Filming New Moon seems different from Twilight. Is it too overwhelming now?
    It's seriously so much fun still. Not too overwhelming yet, because I'm really enjoying and lucky to be doing what I'm doing. Everyone on the set is friends—we all go out together and have dinners. But yeah, it's crazy because all of a sudden everyone cares what you're wearing, what you're drinking, who you're kissing.

    Who you're kissing, huh? Does that mean things are getting frisky up in Vancouver? We hear things about Rob and Kristen.
    This is the thing, I look at magazines. I don't know why, but other people's lives intrigue us for some reason. Especially with this movie in particular, all of our chemistry is so great onscreen that people want it to be real offscreen, and even if it isn't, they are still going to say that it is.

    Well, we also hear you might be dating your onscreen love, Jackson Rathbone, too. True?
    [Grins] Um...Jackson is a sweetheart. But we're...um. No.


    Ashley's publicist then came up and said that J & A "seriously" weren't dating, but we think everything was in that sexy little smirk. Dating was probably the wrong word. Maybe (and hopefully) they are just enjoying their time filming together, like so many others up there are.

    Ms. Greene is quite refreshing. It's rare in this town to find a gal who is actually having fun and who is grateful for a job tons would kill for. 

    Can't wait to hear what happens when Rob, Kristen and Ashley go to Italy in a bit to start filming over there

    Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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