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    Rob Pattinson Is "Secretive About Everything"

    Robert Pattinson, Dossier Magazine Theo Wenner/Dossier Magazine

    Our favorite boy evah just keeps the mystery going. And people blame us! Yeah, right! Get real: Robert Pattinson chatted with Moviefone, giving some deelish info, like how he would consider going full frontal in future flicks.

    But the best part was when Pattz hinted at how filming New Moon is a "different experience" than Twilight. Rob 'fessed the cast has no privacy anymore, and that it's sometimes hard to even leave the hotel. Maybe he should just stay in? Too bad his babe o' the moment isn't staying there, too.

    "All these random little stories become someway, somehow newsworthy, so you have to be very secretive about everything," R dished.

    Gosh, whatever could Rob want to hide?

    It's so obvious Robert is a seriously private guy. That's one reason why we love him so. Anyone who expects him to get photographed holding hands with someone he's interested in is going to have to think again. Like we keep saying: Rebel Rob isn't going to put on a fake show just 'cause he's told to. Unlike others in the Twi cast.

    And he's also not going to get all lovey-dovey in public if that's not his style (especially if it's with a person he's told to stay away from).

    And as for you Robki haters out there—relax. We told you their little whatever was a while ago. Who cares what went on back then! Rob and Nikki are both young, hot little pieces. If they got together—for whatever purposes, going over their lip lines, maybe?—a few times, good for them. What we need to focus on is what is happening now, and that's all about Robsten!

    Let's just hope things go over better with Kristen Stewart than they did with Nikki Reed.

    —Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder

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