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Friday Night Lights Cast "Optimistic" About Renewal

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights NBC/ Bill Records

Yes, my frienemy's report at is true, Friday Night Lights is up for renewal. An inside source at DirecTV whispers, "Nothing is set yet, but they are talking about at least two seasons of 13 episodes each. I can't see it not happening."

(DirecTV struck a deal with NBC last year to have first-run rights to the current season.)

And the official verdict is due soon. Kyle Chandler told us exclusively last Wednesday that he and his fellow castmembers hope to hear, "Anytime. That's what we've been hearing for a month now, anytime...It's 50 percent solid that we're coming back. I think [the show] will be back. My wife and I would like to hear for firm."

As for his TV wife, the magical Connie Britton, she says, "I am feeling optimistic about it and really hopeful. As much as you feel like, 'OK, it's time to move on,' the reality is that to have the opportunity to create something new with [this show] every day is just the greatest gift. It would be great if we had another season."

Now, what would season four look like? Who would stay and who would go? The castmembers spill what they know...

The bad news is that not everyone will be returning for more. Just as Gaius Charles and Scott Porter grew up and graduated this year, other Dillon student-athletes will be moving on to bigger and better things.

Says Kyle of the rotation, "They told us that that was going to be the case when we started the show—that people weren't going to stay on the show for seven years and be freshmen. People who have gone off the show, they knew what was going on. It does give a chance for new people to come on and for the show to be far more organic in that way, although some of the folks who are leaving I really wish they weren't, obviously."

Connie agrees that while castmember departures may be necessary for the authenticity of the show, "That's going to be the hardest part. We are such a close-knit group. We all went to Austin together and have been doing this for three years, so that's going to be really hard. I do believe that as we say goodbye to characters, they'll deal with it in a really good way." Of course they will! It's Friday Night Lights!

One of the possible departures? Zach Gilford's Matt Saracen is supposed to be going off to college. But what will that mean for the ladies in his life, including grandma Lorraine and girlfriend Julie? According to onscreen love Aimee Teegarden when we spoke to her at the Night at Sardi's fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association at the Beverly Hilton, "Julie feels like it's her first love that's finally leaving her, but she feels like her relationship is very strong and they can make it through anything." Holler!

Want to know more about Coach's future at [spoilers deleted for your protection] and if Tami will join him? Check back Monday for Friday Night Lights scoop in the chat!

Do you think Friday Night Lights deserves more time on the air? If you believe in the show, please post in the comments. FNL needs all the support it can get from us fans!

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—Additional reporting by Megan Masters