Robert Pattinson, Hugh Jackman

Jun Sato/ Getty Images; Michael Yada/ABC

Robert Pattinson was a first-time Oscar presenter on Sunday. Hugh Jackman was a first-time host.

So, how'd the two first-timers celebrate?

With a little karaoke.

I just got word that Pattinson and Jackman engaged in some karaoke crooning together this week at a bar in Tokyo.

The two have been in Japan on business. Pattinson touched down on Tuesday to promote Twilight, while Jackman and Nicole Kidman attended last night's premiere of Australia.

Says a source, "They went after doing press for their films."

Jackman's rep confirms my exclusive Tokyo scoop. "Hugh was there celebrating completion of his promo tour for Australia with director Baz Luhrmann and friends and the fact that the film is just going over $200 million box-office worldwide!" the rep tells me. "About 1a.m., the cast of Twilight came in and they all joined in."

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